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Olive Garden Menu Breadsticks Recipe

Perhaps the most beloved item on the Olive Garden menu are the omnipresent complimentary breadsticks that all the restaurants across the country serve. Sure – breadsticks come standard with all olive garden restaurant menu items, but how are they made?

Olive Garden Breadstick Recipe Demystified

Step one, start with dough. But how do you make the dough. Many people are trying to find the legitimate Olive Garden menu bread sticks recipe for the dough. It’s simple enough, but the answer is actually not what you may expect…or maybe it is. Flour, water, salt, of course. But what gives the Olive Garden breadsticks their distinct aroma, and flavor…and texture for that matter. Semi-crunchy around the edges of the outside. Soft, doughy, light, airy, interior.

Further more, the breadsticks at the Olive Garden seem the perfect compliment to the Olive Garden Menu in general. The fact that menu is so popular and beloved in America just makes the Olive Garden Menu experience – complete with breadsticks more relevant and fresh than ever to the American dining consumer. We’ve long been huge fans of the restaurant’s unremitting commitment to culinary excellence and the highest standards of in-house experience for its diners.

In terms of a weekend night out, the Olive Garden Menu has something to offer for everyone from the most discerning of diners, to a fanny-pack-wearing, slightly overweight family of the least sophisticated variety available in the dark fields of the republic that span between the Appalachians and the Rockies. Surely – the Olive Garden Menu is harbinger of twenty-first century tastes and inclinations of a mature and perhaps slightly fading democracy. Let them eat cake? Of course not – that’s much too rich and cliche. Let them eat breadsticks off the menu of the Olive Garden, we say. And why not. Darden restaurants may not give us what we need, but they try exceedingly hard to give us, the American dining consumer exactly what we want – which is a menu teeming with delicious carbs, butter, and delicious faux Italian goodness.

Olive Garden Breadsticks are fantastic. Particularly when enjoyed at the excellent Olive Garden Happy Hour.  But of course you came here for the secret recipe for the Olive Garden breadsticks of course. Follow the link to the ingredients and the recipe to the Olive Garden breadsticks. And be sure when enjoying this fresh-baked treat, to eat your carbs responsibly. With great olive garden breadstick power comes great olive garden breadstick responsibility!

The interesting thing about Olive Garden Breadsticks is that they now have a track record of widespread enjoyment and longevity spanning over 20 years. Three generations and counting now have enjoyed the hot, buttery wonder that is the ever-flowing and refillable Olive Garden breadstick recipe.

Olive Garden Menu Breadsticks recipe

Yes- the wonderful and multi-faceted olive garden menu is something to behold. Spanning a time-honored cooking style dashed with new world sensibilities, the menu of the Olive Garden makes Italian cooking accessible to everyone within easy commuting distance of the main local shopping district. You see- the olive garden menu means fine cuisine for everyone.